Knock Knock

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

You do not want to open your door, or you think they closed it for you.

Disappointment does hurt. Something like this often happens when we expect something or someone to be what we imagine to be in our heads. I often feel disappointed with someone who behaves the opposite from I expected.

We sometimes actually make things worse because of the negative thoughts that we create in our heads. We stay away from people we usually talk to, who spend a lot of time together sharing and having fun.

When I began to examine myself and reflect on all that had occurred in my life, I did not even pay attention when people came to me and tried to establish communication with me. I ignored it and thought that it was pointless to communicate with those people.

I run away when people try to get close to me. It hurts too much to have to feel pain for the umpteenth time when I get too close to people and expect them to do what I think they are. Right? We can never control the actions and thoughts of others. Then why should we behave like that?

The answer was that I was expecting more of them. I assume that with the amount of love, care, and time I give to someone, it means that they too should do the same for them as I did for them. Does that mean when I lie to someone, I want that person to lie to me?

No. Not at all.

There must be some of them who do not even pay you their attention. There are many reasons. Maybe they are busy thinking about their future, a problem they need to solve, or they probably have no interest in chatting with you.
These things are beyond our control. The more we focus on it, the more hurt we will feel.

At such times, I think that they have gone away from me and don’t want to have any more contact with me. But have you ever imagined a day when people in your life who haven’t communicated with you for a long time call you and ask how you are of a sudden? What would you do?

Do not let your negative thoughts about them lose your chance to become a better you. If they do make mistakes, try to forgive them. If there is someone tough, then after you re-open the door that you locked tightly earlier, your heart will be lighter without having to expect anything from them as you have previously done.

Do not let your thoughts control you and damage your relationships with others. We have the right to set limits on the values we believe in and deserve to feel peace in our hearts and walk away from people we think are detrimental to our mental health.

There is nothing wrong with it. Is it not better for us to know when we open our doors to others and when to close them, instead of our minds presuming that they closed their doors and did not let us in.

Even so, do not be afraid. Focus on yourself. Live with a happy heart and celebrate every sorrow and joy there is. We deserve it!



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